The Ramayana is the well-known epic of Indian subcontinent possessing lots of moral values by the story itself and the characters also individually teaching great knowledge to human society. We can also see Ramayan in different ways by relating the characters in our human life.

King Dasharatha represents our sense organs and their actions

Kingdom of Ayodhya – peaceful state

Queen Kausalya here represents learning/ knowledge

Prince Rama represents wisdom or Dharma

Princess Sita is our mind

Queen Kaikeyi is a symbol of passion and love

Prince Bharatha symbolizes Justice, Humbleness, Non-attachment,

Queen  Sumithra- focus and practice

Prince Lakhsmana is our awareness and dutifulness

Princess Urmila- sacrifice

Prince Sathruguna- Determination and Courage

Prince Hanuman represents our willpower/loyalty

King Ravana is our Ego

Prince Kumbha karna is our laziness

Prince Vibhishana is our instinct/conscience

King Dasharatha represents our five sense organs such as eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin and five sense actions such as speech, activities done by hands, our walk by legs, reproductive organ, and excretory organ. By our good learning process (Kausalya) through the sense organs, we get the wisdom (Rama) by that our mind (Sita) stays in peace (Ayodhya).

To retain the peaceful state our passion or attachment (Kaikeyi) need to be in the balanced level, as a result of balanced thoughts we are in the path of Justice (Bharata) with humbleness and satisfaction. Along with our focus (Sumithra)and practice, we get awareness (Lakhsmana) and determination (Sathruguna) to maintain the peaceful state in our life or body.  

In case of addiction (Manthra) to material things occupies without wisdom (Rama) its results to the detachment of peaceful state. (Rama went to exile by Kaikeyi due to Manthra) 

In the meanwhile, our mind (Sita) also captured by Ego (Ravana) along with other nine heads of Ravana such as Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment, Over Pride, Jealousy, Selfishness, Injustice, Cruelty. Now our mind (Sita) is captured by all evil tendencies settled in material illusions. Here Lanka the Golden city represents the material illusion.

Now our body and mind are not in the control of wisdom. Our instinct and conscience (Vibhushana) also play a role to recover the mind from the evil aspects. Laziness and arrogance nature makes the delay by the influence of ego (Ravana). By determination and practicing the good things, our body is protected in a healthy state.

To regain the mind position, with the help of willpower, awareness, sacrifice, selflessness, dutifulness and all other good qualities from the exile (sufferings in human life) again our mind reaches the peaceful state (Ayodhya) by the path of wisdom. By King Sugriva- our good thoughts and the Monkey army is our organized activities. we need to organize our thoughts by our willpower (Hanuman) to fight against the evil things in the way of wisdom (Rama).

Ramayana is happening in our everyday life. By choosing the path of wisdom along with good qualities our mind will always remain in peace. Here we are analyzing the great epic in our own way in the intention to get more good essence by relating it to our human life.   

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  1. Sundaramurthy R.

    good aproach. i need to go deep into it to understand the phylosophy. High phylosophy for a young mind.

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