Purpose of Life

Everyone wants to know their purpose of life on the earth at least once in our lifetime, why we born as well as why animals, insects, plants and other living creatures are here?  Actually what’s going on? Is there any specific purpose for us? Like that we are raising list of questions to ourselves, sometimes we never fail to ask others. Some of us got some answers other still searching for the best answers

Convenient design for animals, plants, insects and humans for their survival as well as the natural dependency also the remarkable highlights of nature. It also makes us to think about same things in different angles.

The answers may vary from one person to another, we all think unique, so the answers also need not to be relevant. But we will get some idea about the purpose of life on our own.

We are here but don’t know why we are here? Where we are before? What we will be after death?

Earth is rotating and we all are here? Why?

Born-eat-sleep-reproduce-die (learning, earning and other things also there)

We are here that’s all every one of us know, we have the curiosity and also possesses some mental ability or intention in our biological brain to know the reason.

We born here, so we live here simultaneously all of us dying too, it’s like a chemical reaction only. To maintain the equilibrium we have food, water and air to retain the reaction for a certain period, but why the reaction takes place means, it naturally happens that’s all we know.

We consume the energy daily, based on the natural attributes we possess certain qualities that completes the reaction (life process) here

By the chemical reaction of sun, we get heat and light as well as UV radiation too, Like that in our life also we get both positive and negative things. Due to the consciousness only we are reacting to the reactions, these reactions affects us physically and mentally we feel the pain and happiness here because of the consciousness but we are the reaction in default

For example take a flower

What is the purpose of a flower? Based on the attributes and needs of the flower it purpose is determined and others utilize it according to their needs or to retain their reaction. If the flower consists of sweet honey, it becomes a food for insects, if the flower looks beautiful means it becomes an ornamental one, if the flower possess medicinal qualities means it is simply used to create medicines, like that based on the attributes the purpose is decided

Both physical and mental needs are the part of reactions

As a human if we realize our attributes it acts as a positive catalyst that helps us sure to create our future

As I said before, all are unique, so we possess different qualities at the same time similarities between us also unavoidable, Life may be a chemical reaction or may be a journey of soul anything as we wish it should be happy and peaceful, that is the core thought of all, irrespective of any belief system.

The purpose is not a predetermined one, but we can choose the best way and make our life purposeful. Stay happy and share the kindness throughout the universe. Whether we know or don’t know the real purpose, staying happy and share the love by being good is better than all things in the earth.