Banana Health Benefits

Banana is considered as a unique fruit variety,mostly growing  in tropical regions and liked by most of the people for its affordable availability and nutrient values.High fiber content and full of vitamins and minerals in banana,considered as one of the best food for humans all time, It supports digestion,retains water level in the human body, and the soluble fiber helps in weight loss.

Vitamins C,B6, along with a small amount Vitamin A present in Banana helps to perform bodily functions and prevents us from diseases.Rich source of Potassium regulates metabolism and nervous system in our body. Sufficient amount of magnesium and dietary fiber increases the energy level and supports digestion. Other essentials such as Protein, Manganese, Iron, Riboflavin and Niacin also present in Banana helps a lot in human health

Types of Bananas in India are





Chini Champa,

Dwarf Cavendish,


Giant Governor,

Harichal (Lokhandi)




Palayankodan (Poovan)


Robusta, and other varieties


Banana can be a taken as raw or by using it as an essential ingredient in most of the foods all over the world

Banana is available in all seasons exactly throughout the year

Price is also very low while comparing with other fruits

Easy to preserve,we can keep it in a room temperature for long

NOTE: Some merchants use Ethylene,Carbide to ripe bananas soon and it also helps to retain bananas as long in the shops. Already during growth they use lots of chemicals in the form of synthetic fertilizers, insecticides, and herbicides.Better we plant banana or buy it from a neighbor giving organic bananas is the only way to get natural Banana