17 year old young scientist’s nano-satellite launched successfully from Mexico

Anitha-SAT, a 500-gram Nanosatellite was designed by Ms. Villet Oviya, 17-year-old plus two passed out student from Tiruchirappalli in Tamil Nadu. Consequently, it was launched successfully along with another two Nanosatellites in Mexico by Aztra Labs on Monday. The main purpose of this nanosatellite is to measure the quality, temperature and concentration of air in the atmosphere which consists of Gyrometer, sensors, GPS along with a high definition camera to generate reports said by Young scientist Villet oviya.

Aztra labs

PC: Aztra labs

Ms. Villet’s aim is to become a doctor. Meanwhile, she attended NEET exam this week, along with that she also wants to contribute a lot to research by her inspiring and Eco-friendly projects. Ms. Villet also met Dr. A. P. J Abdul Kalam and gets his blessings for her projects at a science event. As a great inspiration for future young scientists Ms. Villet already invented many things at the young age, we wish her a bright future and we expect more contributions from her to our society in the future.

Anitha-SAT was developed under the support of Mr. Agnishwar Jayaprakash from Agni foundation, Mr. Vimal Raj from Garuda aerospace along with the mentor DR.Jayakumar Venkatesan from Valles Marineris, Mr. Yair Israel pina Lopez CEO of Aztra labs who is responsible for the launch of Anitha-SAT.


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