Ghost on the way to kumbakonam

It happened during the 90s in India. Kumbakonam is a famous town in Tamilnadu well known for its temples and cultural background. Amar, a college student from Bangalore wants to visit Kumbakonam for his friend’s marriage on coming Monday; Amar is very fond of long travel. To enjoy the travel experience, he started journey from Bangalore with his other friend Sameer on Saturday night itself in a brand new wrangler.

After passing the City limit, slowly the busy scene vanished, darkness raised its voice. It’s a November month cool breeze covers the wrangler and it moves like a floating horse. As a foodie Amar’s left eye searching for a good coffee shop. As usual, our Sameer is in the half sleep mode. After skipping more than 5 restaurants Amar finds a best place for coffee. Sameer temporarily switches to food mode. Amar ordered a coffee with Pakoda, even in the cool ambience Sameer ordered Faluda. Having a nice drink both of them started the journey again. Sameer switch on the tape recorder and played a song of that year, both enjoying the music and covered half of the distance in 4 hours.

In the midnight there is one old man stops them and asking for a lift. Sameer is not in a mood to accompany a stranger in the journey, but Amar agreed to drop him at his destination. Journey started again with the old man, he inquires both of them about the purpose of the visit. Amar explained him with respect by seeing him through a mirror. Sameer shared his snacks to the old man to shut his mouth, old man thankfully accepts it. After some time Sameer started to sleep, Old man and amar start discussing about general things for an hour.

After some time Amar dropped old man on his place, He thanked amar for his help, our Sameer still in deep sleep, Amar doesn’t want to disturb Sameer, he is aware that the destination also very few miles away only. While reaching the town Amar literally shocked to see the wall paint that consists of the old man’s picture and the message is 1st year death remembrance. Without delay he crossed that area in a full speed. On a cold night with full of sweat, he reached Kumbakonam. As a true friend Amar never want to spoil Sameer’s mood, so he never uttered a single word about this to him. Scary and restless night travel spoils Amar’s celebration mood, He spent the whole day with confusion. Finally, both went to Rajesh’s wedding and enjoyed the best moments of the marriage function. With the best and scariest memories, both of them returned to Bangalore.

After 2 years, Amar with his family again visits Kumbakonam for spiritual purpose. They all went to one small restaurant in kumbakonam. At the time one person came in front of him, Amar recognized the person and once again in a great shock, he is speechless because the person is none other than the same old man. Oldman talks in a normal way and invited amar for lunch. Slowly amar asks about the wall paint to him, Old man laughs loudly and said the wall paint portrait belongs to my elder brother, both of us looks same and he passed away 3 years before. After hearing this Amar also laughed and introduced the ghost man to rest of his family members. Amar and his family visited most of the temples in kumbakonam and while return Amar finds the same wall with other stuff: he laughed inside.

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  1. once u open ur mind and speak to people u can see even an angel in a ghost. if u suppress ur feelings and doubts u may see even ghost in an angel. This i what it conveys very politely.

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