The Ramayana is the well-known epic of Indian subcontinent possessing lots of moral values by the story itself and the characters also individually teaching great knowledge to human society. We can also see Ramayan in different ways by relating the characters in our human life.

Ethan’s Voyage 4-Dreamy World

Mila reached the magical Kingdom of Saharsha located in the Alnitak Zone, part of Orion’s constellation by the secret teleporting path located in Lupino forest.  Due to the teleportation effect and new atmosphere, she has fainted again. Saharsha is the kingdom of happiness ruled by King Rishab and Queen Khatiya. Another major difference is

Ethan’s voyage 3-Dreamy world

While searching for Mila, he forgot the path inside the forest. Finally, Ethan reached one cave which is very dark even in the bright light of Lupino forest. Ethan slowly enters the cave, He almost reached the end, but in the darkness, he could not find anything inside. Suddenly he was pulled by

Ethan’s Voyage 1- Dreamy world

Ethan started his journey as an assistant in a great ship Feluccas, which is a dream for his age group guys at that time. The Feluccas is one of the royal ships, which is made for the aristocratic families’ entertainment purpose. Ethan is a 22-year-old guy living in Loire Valley in France.