Eternal Reise-Its too cold 7

Alien lady introduced herself as rezha. Berta can’t believe her own eyes. Rezha looks more beautiful in her blue skin and the white hair is beyond Berta’s imagination. Berta believed Rezha as harmless at first sight itself. Rezha started talking in German language. While hearing german from an alien at different time period is a unique feeling. Rezha guided Berta into a museum. It consists of many historic collections along with some photographs of the guru. It’s from 1970 to 3240 (till date)

He remains same from 1970 to 3240. By seeing the album of guru who resembles her Raja, Berta got tears. On the other side, Raja reached one village approximately some thousand years back. Temperature is around -60 degree. Luckily found one wooden house near to him. Raja also got the same confusion like Berta. He started searching for Berta here and there. Due to climate and time travel effect Raja fainted.

Berta started asking about Raja and also about her planet and family. Rezha said raja will meet you soon.  Berta asked why Guru resembles Raja.  What is the relationship between Raja and guru?

To be continued…

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