Eternal Reise-Time will find its own way 6

Berta can’t control the joy while experiencing these unique things inside the beautiful river. Meanwhile, she saw one light started turning into human form. That man resembles Raja. Those kids started to dance with joy after seeing that man. Now she realized, that man resembles Raja is the Guru. She also noticed some human like creatures and mermaids accompanied him.  He blessed all and moved to next side of the river. Kids and Berta followed him.

Berta started looking at him like a child. That Guru smiled and said welcome home mother. By hearing this from Guru, Berta gets confused. She started to ask questions about where she is now and why you resemble Raja. Guru replied soon you will get answers for all your questions. There is a great reason behind your time travel. Your Raja is safe and he will meet you soon. These kids will assist you here. You have to stay here for few days.

Once she got confirmation about Raja safety and his arrival, Berta becomes normal and followed the kids. They moved to a big library. It consists of many unique books about humans, plants and other living creatures. She even saw one alien searching for book in the library. That alien said welcome home mother.


To be continued…

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