Eternal Reise-Inside Mugil 5

Berta felt like home in this strange island. The people treat her with great love and respect. Also, the beauty of this island gave vision to her paintings in reality. Now the only thing Berta needs is Raja. She can notice the clear sky and some tribes watching sky with an advanced telescope like devices. Others do meditation by levitating themselves. It’s a unique scene for Berta which she never saw even in her dreams. Due to mixed emotions, she spent a sleepless night inside the tribal home.

Next day morning, one of the tribal woman looks like Japanese gave fruits and nuts to Berta. Other tribes presented some unique jewels to Berta. They find one small river inside the island. That gigantic kids said see the beauty of River Mugil. Initially, Berta thought it as a small island. Now she finds the real face of the island by this river view. It’s like an ocean inside the island. She can’t able to find any land next to the river.

She asked kids about how long it takes to reach guruji. They laughed and said within few seconds.  They gave one herb to her and insisted to eat it. After having that herb, they jumped into that river. Berta followed them like a soldier. Inside the water, Berta can able to breathe and see the dark river’s bottom view. It’s all because of that magic herb given by them. For a surprise, she can able to swim fast like sea creatures.

To be continued…

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