Eternal Reise-It’s a family 4

Now she can’t trust her own eyes. That waterfall simply resembles her painting. It’s like the whole island was made according to her paintings. It’s like a lucid dream for her. So Berta wants to do some reality check like calculating time and asking questions. She asked about the island to the boys. They said, it’s a natural island reconstructed by the Great scientist Krishna during 1980. After hearing the year 1980 Berta asked them “what”. They said 1980 again. She asked now we are in which year. They said we living in the year 3240. It’s a next shock for Berta, because she belongs to the year 1942. By seeing confused Berta, they said everything will be fine soon and we will soon meet our immortal guru.

Berta has no other better option rather than following those kids. She started thinking about Raja. Like, when she will meet him again or not. They reached one tribal area in the island. It’s around 5pm, so kids said we will stay here tonight and meet guru tomorrow. Berta asked about their parents. They said their parents are aware about their present location. Moreover these tribes are our relatives. Berta felt strange while seeing the tribes. They are in normal height and the weird they look different to each other in the same family. One looks like Indian another one like European. Berta can see the whole world inside the tribes. They are well educated and cultured too. After seeing Berta, the whole tribal crowd becomes happy and said welcome great mother. Now Berta realized that she is related to this island and people in some way.


To be continued…

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