Eternal Reise-Strange Island 3

After hearing that three words raja also fainted along with Berta. It’s all because of having the magical mushroom soup. After some hours, Berta opened her eyes slowly. She saw the beautiful trees and animals in that island. It’s a great shock for her. She can’t able to get what exactly happened in the train. Her eyes started searching for Raja. She not even has enough strength to call him. She found two gigantic kids in the island approaching her. Those boys are around 7 feet tall. Berta never saw this kind of kids before even in magazines. They said Vanakam Berta amma (greetings in tamil) to her. Berta knew Tamil language very well. She learnt it for Raja few years before. She also said Vanakam to those boys.

She asked about the island and its name. They laughed badly and gave one red colored fruit to her. Berta is not having enough strength to ask about island again. She simply started having that fruit. Within few seconds, she felt more energetic and wants to have that fruit one more. Meanwhile, those boys invited her to their home. She asked about Raja to them. They don’t know anything about him.  So Berta have the only available option is to follow the boys.

Even though those boys looking weird and huge. Berta felt safe according to her intuition and she believed they will help her to find Raja. Same time, beauty of the island mesmerizes her and some places resemble her paintings she did last week. While seeing her imagination in real world, she got mixed feelings. They reached one waterfall inside the island.


To be continued…

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