Eternal Reise-Soupy Night 2

Both laughed for a while and she started moving towards her compartment. For a surprise, most of the seats in the compartment are empty. She again checked the compartment number and came inside. Suddenly, Berta can notice one Soup vendor making mushroom soup inside her compartment, which is not normal those days in British Indian Railways to use stove. Berta is not aware of those rules. While watching the soup making process, Raja reached the compartment with another girl named Seema. Berta never expected this kind of surprise from Raja. Through eyes Berta asked about that girl to Raja. Before Raja, Seema herself introduced as a library friend of Raja and She going to her home by another train. After hearing this only Berta becomes normal.

Meanwhile, Soup vendor silently watching this drama and asked Berta to have some soup. Berta also hungry that time. Raja and Seema making serious discussion with some research papers for some time. Seema gave those papers to Raja and smiled at him. Raja thanked Seema for the research papers. Soon, Seema moved to her train which is going to start in few minutes. Now the only hindrance for Berta is Soup Vendor. So she bought two Classic Mushroom soups from him. That soup is very hot and the compartment is too colder than outside. Raja felt weird about the Soup Vendor because he never found this kind of soup before in British India Railways or at anywhere in Calcutta. But the exotic look and the aroma makes him to have it.

Both started enjoying the soup and Raja noticed the soup vendor disappeared suddenly without getting money for the soup.  Raja searched even outside the compartment but there is no clue about the Soup Vendor. Berta asked Raja to come inside. Now the train started and Berta also got the right opportunity to tell her love before the arrival of next station, where some of their friends going to accompany them. Berta started looking into Raja’s eyes for few seconds. He responded very well this time. With all courage Berta tries to convey her love. She almost said that three words and fainted.


To be continued…

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