Eternal Reise-Journey Begins 1

Berta is rushing to see Raja before anyone else does. It was the last day for both of them after the final exams. Berta needs some space to convey Raja how much she loves him. She doesn’t find it easy at all. Both are close friends, and they had many wonderful times together on campus as well as in the city. She recently lost her parents during World War II. Berta’s chances of staying in India become less after her final exam due to her German nationality

Subsequently, she needs to look for a job too and also wants to stay in India. Meanwhile, Tanga(Horse carriage) also came to pick up her. While crossing the main street, Tanga Man stopped near the ghoti gorom shop and bought a few packets of ghoti gorom for his family. He also offered one packet to Berta. After looking at the packet for a few seconds, she laughed badly at Tanga man. He got puzzled and kept those packets inside the Cloth bag. After reaching the Railway station, she offered extra money to Tanga man for the ride. Tanga man asked her why she laughed at him. After hearing that, she again started laughing badly. This time Tanga man also started laughing along with her.

To be continued…

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