Eternal Reise-Simply Natural

Rezha said for certain questions you will get answers soon. Berta is not satisfied with her response. But she doesn’t have any other options. Meanwhile, one tribe lady came to the library with a message from guru. Guru insisted Rezha and Berta to attend the tribal family meet at his camp tonight. Berta got some hope after hearing this message from the tribal lady.

Rezha gave one book to Berta and told her to read if interested. The book named ‘Simply Natural’ written by Guru few years back. In the preface area, Guru thanked scientist Krishna for his contributions for mankind. In the next page, he thanked Raja and Berta for their deeds. While seeing her name with Raja, she realized in future they will get united.  That book starts with the importance of being natural and role of humans in nature. Berta felt that book as interesting one. Berta continued reading.

In the past, Raja fainted due to worst climate and time travel effect in the village. One boy saw raja near his premises. He immediately gave first aid to Raja and brought him to his home. At half-conscious, Raja reached that boy’s home. That boy’s mother reached the home with some drinking ice.

To be continued…

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