Ascendant decoded

Ascendant is also known as the Lagna or rising sign, which is considered as the first house in Vedic astrology plays an important role in human’s life according to astrology. The ascendant is determined by the sign rising during the birth time in the eastern direction so that the ascendant is also termed as a rising sign.

Ascendant is represented as “ASC” in the Zodiac chart. Based on the earth’s rotation ascendant can be changed for every two hours. Ascendant determines the physical features of humans. Obviously ascendant lord and the planets, aspects and the planets placed in the ascendant sign during birth also responsible for the personality and physical features of the human.

Ascendant is also said as the mask we wear in the public or how we projecting ourselves to others are determined purely based on our ascendant sign. It is the addition of personality to the physical body we gained from the parents, five elements from the nature to experience the five senses, which also said by others as behavior in public by the consciousness we gained from nature. Basically, we get the physical body from the parents, but the impact of the ascendant sign always playing an important role in the life of humans.

Based on moon sign we may think anything but to display or to share our thoughts by the physical body acts as a medium to convey the message of our feelings in society. The way of conveying our emotions or how others see you are determined by the ascendant. Dashas and its effects also determined by the ascendant only. The life path of humans is explained clearly by the Nakshatra of the ascendant sign. On the human’s  Life path, our way of thinking and interacting with the environment or peoples will decide the life’s final destination based on moon sign Nakshatra. There is an impact of other planets also with the main role played by the sun as a soul determinant along with Atmakaraka(planet holding highest degree).

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