Anger is Good

Anger is completely natural as a great source of energy and really a good thing to humans. But in our society anger is projected as well as experienced as a destructive emotion only. Beyond all negative shades as a natural emotion anger also having its own positive side. With or without our knowledge anger gives good things to humans in its own way. Anger is a response emotion to lubricate the actual emotions inside, it may be fear, frustration, precaution, and embarrassment or any discomfort feelings creates any types of anger.

For all types of anger, the solution is simple. We need to utilize our anger as a motivating force in a positive way to reach our goals or to establish our thoughts in a right place. Good constructive anger increases zeal and reduces the fear in humans. For that, we need to do analyze the root cause of our anger and if we will spend some time on analysis, sure it gradually decreases our anger. Anger is like a positive catalyst in relationships and gives good solutions. For self-realization also anger helps a lot by making out clear of your needs or your stand to yourself (not only to others).

For instance, while in hunger also we search for the best hygienic food only, like that while in anger also we need to choose the constructive way to express or handle it. It definitely works and gives proper solution to our problems

Anger also makes us ambitious and gives mental stability to defend yourself from difficult situations for survival. Without anger, we cant even fight for ourselves. After showing anger it definitely gives relief and relaxation instead of guilt comes if we handled in a wrong way. Moreover, anger is a great source of energy it gives great courage and self-confidence. Even anger suppress other worst feelings such as shame, depression, jealousy, sorrow, fear and others that are mostly self-destructive than anger. Prevention is better than cure really works in anger, at the same time no need to control the anger instead of that if we utilize it wise results are always remarkable.

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