Ethan’s voyage 2-Dreamy land

Finally, Feluccas reached Porque Horat islands during evening time. Ethan visits this island first time; even in confusion also he enjoyed the view of the most beautiful island. Porque horot is full of gardens, small restaurants and also one banned forest. In the meantime, Ethan got a new friend in the cleaning department. Her name is Mila. She is an adventurous girl residing in a nearby village of Ethan. After work, around 11oclock they both started a walk inside the island. Mila told Ethan about the Lupino forest and the strange talking bird.

Already confused Ethan now again in confusion asked Mila about that bird. Mila asked Ethan to accompany her to that forest. Initially, Ethan refused but she made him accept for the secret ride. They both started to move inside the forest. Lupino is a strange forest consist of unique birds and animals, so local authorities banned the forest area for the welfare and safety of the wild environment. Beyond our imagination, Lupino is the true heaven for wildlife and the beauty is clearly noted by Ethan in the moonlight. The strange garden inside consist of glowing flowers makes that forest more colorful and it looks like a day at night. Mila becomes mad while seeing the heaven inside the forest, By excitement, she started to run here and there suddenly she fainted due to heavy work and long journey.


Ethan recognized her status and he went in search of water. finally, he finds a pool at the west from his residing garden. In that Ethan saw a group of dancing moon flowers, they also glow better than the moon. Ethan has no time to get confused with dancing flowers. He took some water in his hands and while getting up, he slipped and light of the moon and moon flower passed inside the ring of Ethan (given by mermaid). Ethan remembered the words of a mermaid and he heard a voice from the moonflowers. They started talking with Ethan, One big flower (around 20 feet high) says about Ethan’s father is alive and gives Ethan a snake sword. Ethan asked more details about his father, One tiny flower told “Go east and raise the sword when you are in danger” and within a second all flowers went inside the pool. Ethan reached the garden with water but Mila is not there.

To be continued…..

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