Ancient World Electricity

Electricity in the Ancient world is really an interesting topic to discuss with you all, our ancestors used electricity very long before but we really don’t know the exact purpose. From Sumeria, Baghdad, China and in India there are lots of evidence available for the use of electricity through a battery. Some of the evidence in pyramids tells they also used bulbs during that time.

Ancient peoples’ usage of electricity is less and it was used by scientists and certain peoples only. Ancient battery found near Baghdad is made up of copper and iron. It is around 15 cm tall. Many experiments are conducted with various replicas in that type of battery to produce electricity from it. At the Hathor temple in Egypt, archeologist crew found the ancient electric bulb carvings in stone. Research states that there is a possibility of that light bulb is powered by using Bhaghdhad type batteries. Some people told this as ancient alien technology.

In Asia also there is an evidence of electricity usage in ancient India. In Agastya Samhita, there is a quote mentions the procedure to create a portable battery. It was written by Sage Agastya in the Sanskrit language says that the battery will be made by using Copper, Zinc, and mercury, Like that we have many pieces of evidence from all over the world about the use of electricity in the ancient world. Still, we are not aware of the truths about that battery and the technologies used in the ancient world. Now we are living a sophisticated lifestyle with so many gadgets. For this life, Scientists as well as our ancestors (ancient people) spent many sleepless nights and by their great efforts most of us living a good life now. Technology may come from any part of the world, it may be from Europe or from Asia or America but we all using it now. So be thankful for them forever.

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