Why moon has no enemies?

In the friendship table, we all notice that the moon has no enemies, there is a logical reason behind it. Here I want to share the psychological facts as a reason for its relationship with other planets. Moon is said to be a mother or queen in astrology.  Source of all thoughts, moon is the initial point of all emotions. For creativity, love, stamina, positivity, negativity, ideas, intelligence, knowledge, honesty, royalty, and all other things are initiated by the moon in our mind.

Nature of the moon is Satvic and it never wants to oppose any qualities of other planets. Due to its nature moon absorbs and intends to develop the quality of planets through thoughts. Overall thoughts are determined by the moon only, other planets merely represent their unique qualities, so moon absorbing and creation of thoughts along with Mother nature it makes other planets as a friend and neutral only.

Queen becomes the soldier in the house of Mars; it takes care of beauty and luxury in the Venus house. Moon makes the thoughts best and smart communicator in the house of mercury. It also gives focus and determination while placed in the house of Jupiter. In the house of Saturn thoughts become duty oriented and intended for hard work. Like that moon enhances the thought process based on the qualities of houses and planets. Moon acts like a king in the house of Sun. Moon is the main reason for all human activities.

For instance, if moon thinks any planets as its enemy means definitely that planet becomes powerless by nature. Because in that case moon never allows the qualities of that particular planet in our thoughts and thinking about that planet becomes useless for us. Moon is like a platform for other planets to play their role. Being near to earth, moon has a greater impact than other planets on humans. Logical reasons are completely based on Mooltrikona rules for friendship. But here I shared another dimension of my analysis only not related to any valid ancient texts.

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