Babul and krishna ( short story)

After 6 years, Krishna is going to meet his best friend Babul in Bangalore. He lives in Singapore. There is no mobile during that period. Before, 6 years he came to Singapore to take care of his dad’s business. From that day there is no communication between them. He wants to give a surprise to his friend. So this visit will be memorable for both of them. His flight started from Singapore, Soon his thoughts also reached Bangalore.
Babul is Krishna’s childhood friend. They spent a wonderful time together in the streets near Langford road during 1980 (Now Manjappa road). Babul’s father is a security guard for Krishna’s residential area. Krishna’s father is a well-known businessman in Bengaluru, originally hails from Tamilnadu. Krishna’s father allotted a small portion to Babul’s family inside his bungalow. So Babul and Krishna become friends very soon. Babul has a growth disorder, so he resembles a small boy. His face never changed even after 10 years. He went to school up to 6th grade. Later, due to health issues and the naughty behavior of Babul, his mom stopped his education.
Krishna got state rank in PUC and went to Chennai for further studies. During semester holidays, Krishna visits Banglore and they also frequently talked through the telephone. While coming to Banglore, Krishna always buys Babul’s favorite sweets, monkey caps, and shoes for him. After his education, Krishna spent almost 3 months with Babul. They went for a long ride, movies and lots of fun on the same streets. Krishna changed in many ways. Soon Krishna will take care of his dad’s business, but Babul remains the same mentally as a 10-year-old boy. Both never felt the differences between them, In fact, Krishna loved Babul more for his childlike appearance and his innocence. Babul also thought in the same way.
Finally, Krishna’s flight landed at Bengaluru Airport. While going to his Bungalow in a Taxi, On the way he saw Babul standing on a road. He stopped the taxi and crossed the road to meet Babul. Krishna asked Babul what are you doing here? Because his bungalow is far from this place. While Krishna was leaving Banglore, Krishna arranged a small job for Babul in his father’s company. But now Babul looks like helpless. He asked Babul what happened to you? Babul smiled in his own way and said ಏನೂ ಆಗಲಿಲ್ಲ ನನ್ನ ತಮ್ಮ (Nothing happened my brother). Krishna understands the situation and asked Babul where is your new home. Babul guided him and said, “I’m having one urgent work, so you go first and I will come later”. Krishna always follows Babul’s words, even he went to Singapore after getting permission from Babul. It’s a wonderful relationship they are retaining more than 20 years.
So Krishna’s taxi reached Babul’s new home. He finds some known people in Babul’s home. They also recognized Krishna and intimated this to Babul’s parents. Babul’s father comes out of the small house. While seeing Krishna, he started crying and said: “nee varuvanu sonnan” (Babul said you will come). Krishna is puzzled by his behavior. Soon Babul’s mom asked Krishna to come inside. Krishna went inside Babul’s home. He loses his grip and by the shock, he falls down. It takes a few minutes to gain consciousness.
He saw Babul’s photo garlanded with flowers and some of his favorite sweets are placed before the frame. It’s Babul’s first death anniversary. His mother shared the rest with Krishna. Everything goes fine for three years, even after Krishna went to Singapore. Babul works hard in Krishna’s company and supported his family. One day suddenly he fainted in office and diagnosed with heart problems. Krishna’s father supported his surgery and all medical expenses. Whenever Krishna asks his father about Babul, He says “He is working hard and saving money to buy a new house”.
By hearing this, Krishna felt happy for Babul those days. One year before, Babul felt sick and he started to behave like a mental patient. He always used to say, ”Krishna will come, Krishna will come” repeatedly. Soon he died within a few days. Krishna’s parents are aware of his love for Babul, so they didn’t reveal anything about Babul’s death to him. Krishna’s father used Babul’s savings and his own funds to buy a new house for Babul’s parents according to Babul’s last wish. Krishna’s sister also frequently visits Babul’s home and supporting his family in many ways.
Krishna reached his bungalow, after spending a few hours in Babul’s house. He gets confused about the person he met this morning. He heard one voice “Krishna, Krishna”. It’s Babul’s voice, he moved near to the window. Babul calls Krishna from the garden, where they used to play during their childhood. While Krishna tries to reach his garden, suddenly Babul appeared before him. Now Krishna realized it as Babul’s soul. But he never gets afraid and they both started to play again like before. Babul’s soul stayed with Krishna for more than 40 Years. They lived a happy life together.

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