Discontent is not a new-age concept. In world history as well as in Indian epics also we have lots of references. The major reason for people’s discontentment nowadays caused by their unusual expectations only.  Because nowadays people’s expectations are not based on their actual needs. Various factors are there to kindle people’s mind, as a result, their failures in achieving the predetermined benchmarks in different stages of life lead to discontentment.

In simple words, it’s a corporate and politician’s drama created for their benefits. Based on this system without awareness, innocent people ruin their life by running for other’s inputs. Corporate giants create the problems and give us instant relief, and politicians retain the problems forever for their future benefits. Advancement in technology also plays a vital role in people’s discontentment.

Rich or poor, educated or illiterates, kids or adults, man or woman becomes their prey. In 24 hours of daily life, we spend 8 hours for work, 2 hours for daily routines, 8 hours for sleep, 2 hours for travel, in the remaining 4 hours we need to live our life. The remaining 4 hours are occupied by TV, mobile, and others.  People don’t have time to love themselves, how can they show their love and receive it from others.

They never allow us to think about our actual needs. They just feed their inputs in different ways all the time. Kids spending their life in a circus called school. In the remaining time, we are preparing them for the fake competition by comparison. They are not allowed to what they really want. They become puppets very soon. So here their dreams are determined by the system in most of the cases.

Some people are really happy and they know very well to handle all the above challenges. So they are on their own way to achieve their own dreams. They also know the actual meaning of success. If people know the meaning of true love they never face the discontentment in any phase of their life. But in the present situation we need to stay aware and never give up attitude helps a lot to handle this. As well as we need to educate ourselves, with the essentials in the right medium.

Treat all with equal love and respect, consider all living creatures as our own family member will lead to eternal joy.  We need to stay away from the issues caused by caste, race, state, country, language, religion, fake economy, and gender. Awareness is the only key to get away from this. Love will unite all.


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