Patterns day 1

Venkatagiri Srinivasa is an Ex-governor of Tamilnadu and former politician of the ruling party in Andhra. He fondly called as Venkana by his ardent followers in Andhra. For his grandson, he stays in Tamilnadu. That day Venkana almost completed reading all the daily newspapers. But still, he didn’t receive coffee from anyone in “Srini villas”( name of the house). While he tries to call someone, his favorite grandson Krishna Srinivas comes with a cup of filter coffee along with Venkana’s favorite cookies. While seeing Krishna’s innocent face, Venkanna felt an inner joy can’t be expressed in words. 
Krishna also has the same affection for his grandfather, like him. So after completing his higher studies after MBBS, he wants to spend more time with his grandfather. so both went to Singapore for two months during that time. Those days, everyone teased them as husband and wife. It’s a mutual bond between them. Venkana’s wife Janaki stays with their second son in Hyderabad. While Krishna and his grandpa discussing the headlines, Raja Simha eldest son of Venkana on the other side returned home after his morning walk. Raja Simha works as a police inspector general in Chennai. His wife Padmavathi, completed her suprabhat (morning pooja) and started her kitchen routines. 

Within a few minutes, Krishna’s elder sisters, Jaanvi Baulaprema and Saanvi Baulaprema reached the pooja room. Both are identical twins, Jaanvi working in an IT company and her part-time passion is Kuchipudi. Saanvi is an upcoming Carnatic musician, but she is popular like legends in her social media platform for her vocal and instrumental skills. During weekends both of them perform live together in social media. Krishna also supports them by playing instruments and writing lyrics for his sisters. 
Almost everyone assembled in the dining hall and waiting for breakfast. Like a cat, Raja Simha’s best friend Chandrasekar entered into Srinivilas with Tirupathi prasadham.

To be continued…

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