Patterns Day 2

Venkana noticed him and said “Vaada sekara, vazhi ipa dhan therinjutha”(now only you know the way sekar). Chandrasekar gives the prasadham to Venkana and fall into his feet to get blessings. Venkana with his usual smile blessed him. Padmavathi asked Chandrasekar to have breakfast. He said, for that only I visited earlier in a funny tone. All laughed and started to have the most delicious Pesarratu (green moong dhal dosa) with coconut chutney. In the end, Padmavathi served Methu vada and Mysurpak to all. 

After breakfast, Chandrasekar asked Venkanna about Krishna’s career and Saanvi’s marriage too. Krishna completed his higher studies after medicine. He spends most of the time with his grandfather and his writing works. Eight months passed in that way. Venkana runs many businesses in his sister’s name. During weekends, she visits Srinivilas. Venkana owns a famous medical college and health care “RSV Hospitals” in Chennai and Vizag. So all expect that Krishna will take over the responsibility soon. Venkana asked Krishna, as a response he simply said need 10 more days’ time. Raja Simha said to Krishna “What will you say after that? Say now“. Venkana said Raja Simha to focus on Saanvi’s marriage and he will take care of Krishna. Jaanvi and Krishna teased Saanvi and asked Raja Simha to make it soon. Saanvi pretends to be angry and moved to her room. Both Jaanvi and Krishna followed her and teased her like “Peeli Papa Periya Papa” for the whole day.

On the other side, Hayley is waiting for her even number series bus in her stop. She is studying medicine final year in RSV medical college. She is living with her mother in India from her childhood. They are basically hailing from Sweden. Her father is an Indian. During his business visit to Sweden, he married Hayley’s mom and now they settled in Chennai.

To be continued…

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