Patterns Day 3

Hayley looks like a typical Scandinavian descendant in her appearance except for her long black hair. Like a fusion art, she always glows in Tamil’s attire, such as saree, bangles, and flowers. Her affinity towards Tamil culture makes her more unique than other Anglo Indian girls at that time. Even typical Tamil girls are influenced by western thoughts, but Hayley follows almost everything from the traditional aspects. Her love for all living creatures and spreading happiness wherever she moves makes her day resembles a festival most of the time.

Raja Simha and Chandrasekar talking seriously about something in the garden. At one stage Rajasimha started to scold Chandrasekar. Saanvi noticed their conversation from the window in her room. After twenty minutes, Chandrasekar left Srinivilas with a suitcase given by Rajasimha. Saanvi told this to Jaanvi and Krishna. Jaanvi said, “ Saanu follow him, Krishi you go with her”. After hearing this, Saanvi getting ready to follow him. Both Krishna and Jaanvi laughed loudly and said it’s a usual thing between dad and uncle. Saanvi smiled with them, but she felt something wrong between them.

They both said to Krishna. We all want you to take over the responsibility soon. You have to tell the reason for your delay now itself to us. Krishna is very attached to both sisters. He shares everything with them without any hesitation usually, but this time he remains silent for a few minutes. They also assured their support to him. After hearing that with some hesitation he showed his laptop to them. After watching the presentation of his future project they felt very happy. Saanvi said, “you can do anything from here itself, We will arrange all facilities in our university”. Krishna said my team is in Singapore and I want to settle there. By hearing this, Jaanvi angrily left that place.

To be continued…

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