Patterns Day 4

Saanvi also in anger, but she remains silent. Krishna is trying to explain his situation to Saanvi. Meanwhile, Jaanvi entered again and said “Because of you I avoided my onsite offers twice, Saanvi don’t listen to him”. Saanvi said “Listen Krishna we always want you to stay with us, Here no one will accept this. Just think about grandpa”. Krishna said I’m not going to the moon or mars only Singapore.  Jaanvi said already for higher studies you went to Europe. That time we all suffered and this house remains silent like a museum without you.

Krishna said  “Do you think I felt happy those days, Akka please try to be practical, soon after your marriage, we need to face the separation. It’s natural too. This project is very important for mankind. If I focus on university and our business means it becomes difficult to do my works. After hearing this Saanvi said immediately that she will take care of university and other things. They demanded his presence only. So Krishna also agreed to stay in India.

Later on the same day evening, Jaanvi and Krishna went to shopping. On the way, Jaanvi asked Krishna, “ I know you are capable to do manage different responsibilities and you only insisted me to refuse my on-site offer. Now why you changed or you have any other reason behind this. Krishna with his usual smile, I know you can’t able to survive without us so that I told you to refuse your offer and Saanvi akka is an elder child in our family. She is an eligible person to be the head of our organization. Next, you also have the same responsibility as her. If I say directly means, she won’t accept this at any cost. So that I created this drama.

By hearing this, Jaanvi said I know first itself, there is something behind this and my trust in you never fails. Krishna asked Jaanvi then why you angrily went away at that time. Jaanvi laughed with tears and said, I’m proud to be your sister. I won’t tell this to Saanvi and that time I’m really worried ok. After shopping, they bought Saanvi’s favorite Mysurpak from that famous sweet shop and reached Srinivilas

To be continued…

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