Ethan’s Voyage 5-Dreamy World

Days passed very quickly in Muffin’s kingdom. Due to time dilated variation effects very soon Mila forgot everything, even about her parents and her name too. In between Muffin and Mila becomes very close like a sibling. After few days Kanushi told about Mila to King Rishab and Queen Khatiya. They changed Mila into her original form and apologized for everything and asked about her, but she fails to recall her memories. By seeing Muffin’s affection for Mila, they also treated her as their own daughter.

Experts of saharsha taught Mila both magic and war crafts, Very soon she becomes the perfect princess of the Muffin’s Kingdom. Later, both the king and queen made Mila as a princess of Saharsha officially. After one day journey in the flying boat, Ethan reached Saharsha safely into the palace of Mila. Mila reached by teleportation in a fraction of seconds, So she lived nearly 2 years in saharsha before Ethan’s visit. Ethan found Mila in her palace and he tried to convey her, but Mila arrested Ethan by her spell. Ethan prisoned with comforts in the same capsule type container guarded by Dombo (Bolfen klepha loyal flying creature like our pets on earth) It can talk and behave like a human too.

In the meanwhile, from the kingdom of Tortonia a beautiful little fairy named Feba visited King Rishab’s court and invited him to the party going to be held in the kingdom of Tortonia. It is ruling by the most powerful King Alamkheer Raushan. He is going to conduct party to celebrate his only son Makar kweento’s successful completion of higher education. By seeing the beauty of the cute fairy, as a crazy kids both Mila and muffin requested Feba to stay in saharsha for a few days. Feba is an official fairy of Tortonia for conveying good messages to other kingdoms aware of saharsha time zone and agreed. Both of them started to play with the fairy in the magical garden of Muffin which is near to the capsule where Ethan resides.

Ethan and Dombo also become close friends within a week. Poor Ethan conveyed all things to Dombo. He is also the favorite guardian of Muffin by hearing the kid’s playing sound, Dombo visited the garden. Muffin becomes happier by seeing Dombo and asked him to play for a while with all. At the same time Kanushi entered into the garden with a message from King Rishab.

To be continued….

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