Ethan’s Voyage 4-Dreamy World

Mila reached the magical Kingdom of Saharsha located in the Alnitak Zone, part of Orion’s constellation by the secret teleporting path located in Lupino forest.  Due to the teleportation effect and new atmosphere, she has fainted again. Saharsha is the kingdom of happiness ruled by King Rishab and Queen Khatiya. Another major difference is time variation between saharsha and earth is one day on earth is equal to two years in saharsha. It is not a suitable place for humans.

Different types of creatures like Giants, Snakers, Mermaids, Giant Frogs, Flying Monkens, Talking trees, including Saharians look like humans, but they are stronger than elephants also possessing magical powers by birth which are mostly similar to each other. Some saharians has unique powers too. Muffin is the 11 years old prince of saharsha having extraordinary powers. Even though Muffin is very powerful due to security reasons he is protected by 12 types of security forces along with a guardian angel Kanushi. He is also having a giant eagle Zeiran as his pet.

Mila opened her eyes after a long time she is found in a capsule type large container. Mila never realized that she is teleported from Lupino forest. Mila feels hungry, immediately she got orange juice in her hand, Mila felt the magic and she thinks about a dessert that also granted in a second. After that, she started to think new dresses and jewels. Everything she got inside the capsule. By excitement, she started to sing a nice French song. Muffin woke up and asked Kanushi about that song. She told about the illegal entry of Mila into saharsha. Muffin asked Kanushi to bring Mila here. Kanushi is like a mother to Muffin told him to sleep, but as an adamant prince muffin started to cry, without hesitation she brought Mila in front of him with full security.

By seeing Mila’s eyes Muffin realized that she is harmless. While seeing the beauty of that palace and kid Muffin’s innocent face, she becomes relaxed inside, but still scared on giant eagle and Kanushi. Muffin said Mila to sing a song; she immediately started to sing for Muffin. Muffin becomes happy and by his spell, he reduces Mila into a size of doll for her safety and his comfort. Both of them become very close within a couple of days.

To be continued…

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