Role of Sun-Astropsychology

Our physical body is made up of five elements which are responsible for the functioning along with consciousness. So the impact of planetary energies is unavoidable on this earth. Moreover, planets are inside us as chakras in the astral body. We also experience the planets mentally by their attributes through our consciousness in this material world. We are in the universe as well as the universe is inside us.

In our previous articles, we have got at least an idea about the role of moon and ascendant in our life. If the moon is thoughts, creativity means the sun is considered as the soul and also as an energy provider for the moon. Moon considers sun as its friend. Sun is a royal and loyal king, so as a queen moon is always a friend for sun. Sun gives comfort, protection and true love on the moon. As well as in reality the moon gets light from the sun only.

Sun is represented as father and king in Vedic astrology responsible for all activities on earth by its great energy. Sun has a great role in controlling the life force in the earth. Psychologically dominant, bravery, awareness, responsibility, decisive, command and qualities of a king or father is represented by the position of sun during the birth of the human. Other qualities such as ego, temperament and ambitious nature are also enhanced by sun.

Sun is considered as both beneficial as well as malefic in nature. Sun is inside us as a soul which is responsible for our mental growth and physical survival. By the effect of sun, Rajas guna will be activated and it will be the vital reason for the success of humans in this material world. The well-placed sun is responsible for all success in the human life.

If we follow the right path, respect everyone equally along with the positive thoughts and working towards the destiny means anyone can get success in life. Even the debilitated sun also supports for the success in our life.

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