Real Beauty Inside

Beauty is the attribute of any object or any quality that is reasonable for the happiness while experiencing in this world. Everyone in this world, without any doubt they are the true admirers of beauty. Based on our psychological conditions beauty can be experienced in many ways by us.
In general perfect and complete things are considered as beautiful as well as in some cases which Irrelevant and incomplete things are also considered as exceptional beauty. If certain qualities are developing day by day means it is considered as beauty enhanced. In this physical world beauty is always a temporary one, but it also depends on the experience of viewers. Beauty is available everywhere on this earth we need to admire the physical beauty and appreciate the good qualities when we experience. Good qualities such as kindness, Honesty, Loyalty, reliability, intelligence, truth, cleanliness, Humorous, peaceful, smart, courageous, cultured, romantic and many other qualities which gives good experience universally is also considered as beauty.

Time also plays its role in experiencing the beauty. For instance, we can say the rose as very beautiful while picking in the morning. That same rose will become dry next day never creates the good impact on us. So time changes the experience by the transformation of perfection and completion in the objects that delivers beauty, This time factor is also applicable for the good qualities too. The person may be kind today and become rude later on next week.
We are always trying to enhance the physical beauty in many ways to retain it. We are also aware of the reality too. Like that we also need to do the enhancement process to retain the good qualities by reading good books, positive thinking, love & respect everyone equally and doing good things regularly makes us retain the mental beauty and it gives a better experience to both provider and the admirer. Time may play its role, but by practice, anybody can retain it up to the end of our life. External beauty is determined by nature, but the internal beauty we can develop as well as reconstruct, retain and enhance it throughout the lifetime.

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