Ethan’s voyage 3-Dreamy world

While searching for Mila, he forgot the path inside the forest. Finally, Ethan reached one cave which is very dark even in the bright light of Lupino forest. Ethan slowly enters the cave, He almost reached the end, but in the darkness, he could not find anything inside. Suddenly he was pulled by someone inside; Ethan can’t recognize the person in darkness. That strange person pulled Ethan outside of the cave and shouted in a strange way. In outside Ethan noticed the face, that person is old man looks weird in dirty clothes and murmuring something unusual. Ethan apologizes to the old man for entering his home and asked him about Mila.

After sometimes old man told Ethan that he doesn’t know anything about Mila but he will help Ethan on finding her. Old man introduced himself as Jonas and he is living in the forest about 300 years. Ethan laughs loudly and asked Jonas how it is possible? Jonas answered Ethan “Nothing new and you will discover soon”. In the meanwhile, Ethan started to think about his father. Jonas loudly said “alive alive alive” three times. Now Ethan realized Jonas having some strange power like the moonflower and felt better.

Jonas with a smile gives Ethan a small marble and told him to throw in the grass. Ethan throws the marble and it becomes a small boat with feathers instead of oars. Poor Ethan watched this like a magic show. Jonas told Ethan to sit on the boat and it will help you to reach Mila. In a curiosity Ethan entered into a boat by seeing its unique features he touched the feather, the boat asked Ethan in a sweet voice where to go? Ethan in a surprise turned to Jonas standing outside of the boat. He insisted Ethan from his eyes Ethan in a loud voice said reach Mila. Suddenly boat starts to fly and Ethan in a surprise after reaching 20 feet height turned down to thank Jonas. He is shocked by seeing Jonas turning into a beautiful woman. Finally, she laughed at Ethan and disappeared. By seeing this Ethan also fainted.

To be continued…..

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