Ethan’s Voyage 6-Dreamy World

Kanushi brings an official announcement from King Rishab regarding the early start of voyage to Tortania for to attend the surprise party of snake world queen Nagushiya on her birthday, She also residing in Tortania for the main occasion of Prince Makar Kweento . By hearing this Muffin becomes very excited and Mila is not aware of this kind of parties on another planet. Muffin asked Dombo to accompany him, Dombo told about Ethan to Muffin. Within a second Muffin changed the capsule as a cage and Ethan as a tiny man. Now Dombo can carry him anywhere. All drank the special potion to avoid the time variation and they reached Tortonia by teleporting waterfall located in Muffin’s garden.

Tortonia is the beautiful planet which is 10 times bigger than Saharsha with its unique features. Muffin and Mila entered into the palace where a party is going to start, they saw the beautiful snake world queen Nagushiya and wished her. In return, Nagushiya blessed the kids and thanked them. She gave a ring to muffin, bangles to mila and other gifts to Kanushi and Dombo. While seeing this ethan also asked Dombo about Nagushiya. Dombo told Ethan about that she knows everything in the cosmos and asked Ethan to wish her and get a boon of release from her. Dombo requested Muffin to change Ethan into his original form to enjoy the party. Muffin in a happy mood agreed and changes Ethan into his original form.

Ethan introduced himself as a prisoner of saharsha and wished her, Dombo insisted ethan to ask a boon, Ethan asked about his father to Nagushiya. She meditated for a few minutes and told him that she will take care of his father issues and asked ethan to stay with her. There is no option for poor ethan he obeyed her words.  She also requested Kanushi to release him. Kanushi as an official guardian angel of saharsha released Ethan for the kindness of the snake world queen. Still, Mila can’t recognize ethan. He is also not worried much about mila due to her royal life instead of a cooking assistant in the ship.

In the meanwhile, Crazy kids started to play in the party hall. Muffin picked the bangles from Mila given by Nagushiya and ran away from her. Mila also followed him in a hurry. Muffin as an expert in magic disappeared while reaching the prince Makar kweento. Without knowing this at a speed, Mila falls on him. It’s really a sweet shock for the cute prince Makar within few seconds he becomes a great admirer of Mila’s beauty.  Even Mila get the new feel of shy at very first time she realized it while seeing perfect Makar. Suddenly, Muffin comes out from the table and tickled prince makar and ran away from them. Now both Mila and Makar started to chase him heard a strange noise inside the party hall.

To be continued…

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