Energy Grounding-Cosmic inside

Earth is the great source of energy; we are made up of the components that belong to the earth only. We get the essential nutrients from the earth only for our survival or to retain the reaction in the body that has been known as life. Earth is known for its stability even though it faces many frequent changes externally.

As humans, we got affected both physically and mentally by the external influences. It always has some impacts on our life and body. So to regain as well as to retain the original form of energy grounding is essential and it’s completely a natural one. It happens directly or indirectly to humans in many ways during morning walks, while doing meditation in the park, Gardening, Playing in a ground, while spending time with pets and plants.

Earth is the source of producing many medicinal herbs that can heal the problems of the human body. Our earth is the complete native to us and it always gives good results to humans while we connect to mother earth physically and mentally. To connect with nature, there are many ways. Grounding is just like a process of meditation or going to walk in a park or just like talking with plants. Anything connected to nature both physically and mentally in an organized way with a belief on earth or nature is considered as perfect grounding.

PC: Basundhara Priyadarshini’s Photography

By grounding, we got lots of benefits such as it makes you regain your original position or state along with the clarity to the present situation in a peaceful way. We need to have a strong belief in nature along with the deep intention to connect with nature. It heals your energy and gets it back into its original form to complete the reaction or to live the life by without the impacts and influences of foreign substances. It is highly beneficial and mostly recommended to all age groups. You can also ground mentally by doing meditation and approaching your inner peace to the universe.

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