Ethan’s Voyage 7-Dreamy World

By hearing the strange noise from the party hall both Mila and Makar went inside to the party hall, they saw Muffin dancing with mermaids on the stage. After that performance, Prince Makar’s Tiny Jinn performed a magic show in front of all. After that Feba’s singing performance. Finally, prince Makar showed his sword skills, which was admired by Mila and muffin’s family members. After dinner Mila started to sing a song which was also known to Ethan, so he continued to sing that song with Mila which becomes the highlight of the whole party.

Tortonia King Alamkheer Raushan was impressed by Ethan’s performance and asked him what he needs? Nagushiya insisted Ethan to ask about Kevarat box. Ethan also asked same to the king. By hearing this King Raushan got angered and raised his sword to kill Ethan. Ethan identified that he is in trouble and raised his sword which was given by the Moonflowers. By seeing this Mila identified that Ethan is under the spell and insisted prince Makar to remove the sword from Ethan’s hand. By seeing this situation muffin changed Ethan again as a tiny one, simultaneously prince makar seized the sword from Ethan and handover it to King Raushan. By seeing that King Raushan asked King Rishab is this is poxin. King Rishab asked Kanushi regarding that sword, she assured it as poxin by holding the sword it glows in her hand. Muffin eagerly asked Kanushi about the glow. Kanushi explained that Poxin is a kind of pure metal. Only good and true peoples can able to hold this one. When it comes to angel’s hand it glows that is the only way to check the purity of poxin. Mila asked what if bad one holds the sword, for that prince makar answered it burns the bad person’s hand.

By hearing this muffin told Ethan is a good man to king Raushan. He also accepted and asked Ethan why you asked about our kevarat box. Ethan told it was insisted by queen Nagushiya. King Raushan gave the sword to Nagushiya her hands started to burn immediately.

To be continued….

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