Secrets of Moon Signs – Introduction

Most of us are well aware of moon signs in astrology. In Vedic astrology moon signs also play an important role like ascendant/ Lagna. Accordingly, Here I’m going to share some secrets about moon’s role in human life in the form of moon signs. Before going into detail of all moon signs we need to know first about the moon and its importance in life
Moon is a satellite of earth, but in Vedic astrology, it is represented as a planet due to its importance in life. The Moon is a royal planet also known as a queen in astrology. So the attributes of a royal queen always match with the moon. It is also known as mother in astrology, responsible for the nourishment, thoughts, and comforts in life.
Moon is the key or karaka for all happenings in human life. In that sense, Human thoughts are initiated by the moon which leads to intelligence, new ideas, mental peace, comfort, beauty and satisfaction in life. Moreover, it plays the main role in the relationship with others. Based on its placement, house number, aspects, conjunctions moon behaves differently. Moon absorbs the quality of the house and enhances to create the thoughts that resemble the particular house. Moon is the reason for all activities in human life. Like waxing and waning of the moon that activities related to the ups and downs are governed or initiated by moon irrespective of any field. Business, stock market, liquid related businesses, places which give comfort such as hotels, gardens, beaches and watery places.

Moon is a mother and it never considers other planets as enemies to her. Anything pure is moon it may be love, beauty, food, medicine, thoughts, sex, and happiness. Moon rules the nakshatras such as Rohini, Sravana, Hastha are located in the Mercury, Venus and Saturn constituencies. Yet, the true beauty of Rohini, Real sense of duty from Sravana along with the pure thoughts of Hastha is carried out by moon due to its rulership.
Moon’s role is remarkable in Vedic astrology. I hope apart from emotions now we realized the importance of moon in everyday life. Soon I will share details about the moon signs one by one. If you have any doubts regarding moon’s role in human life feel free to ask in the comment section.

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