Who we are?

Who we are? Actually, this question may not be weird for us. We have lots of definitions for this question. Some say we are humans others define themselves by their name, profession, religion, language, race and other things as they like. We are the tiny creatures residing on the earth with some level of consciousness which is quite sufficient to think about at least who we are but is it enough to know the actual answer to that question.

We are the organized structure of the atom possessing some energy which runs the entire life with the help of other essential nutrients or catalyst to retain the chemical reaction in our body. It’s nothing but the food, water taken as an essential one for all activities. Here consciousness role is mandatory to retain the process up to the end.  The role of other persons has also acted as positive or negative catalysts have some lite or great impacts in this chemical reaction.

So we can give many explanations of who we are. What we feel is right for us. In order to complete the reaction or life we need to depend on others directly or indirectly and it becomes mandatory as a cosmic law. Here others refer not only humans, so there is a need for mutual bonding in the level of consciousness to complete the process effectively. So as a human we need to support others which also include other living organisms to live their life in a peaceful way.

To make the earth as the best space for living or the space to complete their reactions in the best way the essential catalysts such as love, equal respect, tolerance, sharing attitude and great thoughts need to be developed and shared to all over the world to retain the perfect system in our earth

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  1. possession of Love, self control, Righteous conduct,patience,compassion, Wisdom, Zeal, manly effort, Courteousness, and sense of shame. Those who possess the above ten will conquer their inner world otherwise heaven. Auther karthic rightly points out that we r in a network.

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