First man to fly an Aircraft – Unofficial

Shivkar Bapuji of Mumbai born in 1864 have a great interest in Sanskrit texts, especially on Bharadvaja’s Vaimanika Sastra. He also worked as an arts and crafts instructor at Sir JJ School of Art in Mumbai

Marutsakha is reported as the first aircraft of this present period, under the guidance of Subbaraya he invented the aircraft based on Rukma vimana using mercury ion plasma as a fuel, which is considered as very advanced in vedic texts. It was witnessed in the year 1895 at Chowpatty beach by thousands of people at that time. It happened before 8 years of Wright brother’s invention of the first aircraft.

It flies around 18 minutes after that running out of fuel and fell down from the 1500 feet height. Indian justice Mahadeva Govinda and King of Baroda H H Sayaji also in that location viewed along with other people.It was reported by Bal Gangadhar in his Kesari along with two English newspapers too. After the launch within a few days, his wife died in a mysterious way. She also contributed a lot to the experiment. After that Shivkar becomes depressed and died in the year 1916. Aircraft Marutsakha was preserved in his home and after the reconstruction, it was exhibited at Vile Parle.

Documented evidence of Shivkar’s invention is preserved by Hindustan aeronautics limited. Shivkar’s effort and his achievement now projected as myth in some places. Like Shivkar so many scientists spend their life for the benefit of mankind. finally, they died without credits. Even the well-known scientist’s life also ruined by many failed experiments. Shivkar efforts are true, like him so many scientists from all over the world working for the benefit of human society. While getting a chance at least we need to respect them for their efforts as well as, if possible encourage them for their success.

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