Ethan’s Voyage 1- Dreamy world

Ethan started his journey as an assistant in a great ship Feluccas, which is a dream for his age group guys at that time. The Feluccas is one of the royal ships, which is made for the aristocratic families’ entertainment purpose. Ethan is a 22-year-old guy living in Loire Valley in France. Ethan is adventurous from his childhood. His father is a sailor missed during his last voyage before 3 years in the cyclone. By several requests, Ethan got a job in this royal ship with the help of captain victor. Ethan has a lot of responsibilities, such as to clear his father’s debt on ancestral land as well as to pay his sister studying in his uncle’s home.

With full of dreams as a middle-class guy, he is sincere in his work. Ethan father raised him well, even in a difficult environment. Ethan is staying on the first floor of the ship, after a long journey that ship reached an island to fill drinking water and other needs. Ethan enjoying the seashore beauty moves forward by having Baguettes finally reached a motel. He had soup and returned to the shore suddenly caught by a giant wave.

He lost his consciousness after some time he felt someone holding his hand; he slowly opened his eyes really shocked to see an angel-like woman near to him. She gave a ring to Ethan and told him “Keep it safe, when the light comes it shows your destiny”. He can’t understand anything at that time. By admiring her beauty he forgets everything in that particular moment and he tries to sit that time she suddenly jumps into the sea in that second Ethan noticed her as a mermaid; water splashes on his face. Clara, sister of that restaurant owner splashes water in his face makes him awake and she told him about his ship departure time. Ethan conveyed merci to Clara and hurried with confusion, finally reached his ship. He thinks about that strange mermaid dream and went to sleep. Next day morning while washing his face, he found the same ring on his finger, which was given by mermaid in his dream. In shock, Ethan remembered her words.

To be continued…..

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