World’s lightest satellite approved by NASA made in Chennai by HITS students

Last year in this same June month we all celebrated the launch of KALAMSAT, which was made by eighteen-year-old Mr. Rifath Sharook, of Tamil nadu, weighted around 64 grams is recognized as the world’s lightest satellite. It was launched by NASA from Wallops Island.

From left Mr. P.Amarnath, Mr. G.Sudhi, Mr. K.J.Harikrishnan (Team head) and Mr. T.Giri Prasad

P.C: Hindustan Institute of technology & science

This year students of Hindustan Institute of technology & science made 33.39 grams satellite from Chennai, Tamilnadu. The four students are Mr. P.Amarnath, Mr. G.Sudhi, Mr. K.J.Harikrishnan (Team head) and Mr. T.Giri Prasad is studying first year in the department of aerospace engineering. They named it as JAIHIND-1S which was selected by the same competition conducted by the Colorado Space Grant Consortium, NASA in the name of “Cubes in space” for below 18 years age group students this year 2018. More than 1000 of projects were submitted to NASA by students from all over the World. From that, they selected JAIHIND-1S for its less weight and endurance.

They made this satellite by using the 3D printed PLA Nylon, which is mainly made to observe the usage of Nylon in microgravity space as well as weather and other atmospheric activities. Obviously, the lightweight sensors are imported, but the budget of this lightweight satellite is around 15000 INR only.

JAIHIND-1S is capable to measure around 20 details from the atmosphere such as altitude, temperature, UV ray intensity and other essentials will also be collected. Another specialty is it also going to be launched on space by using balloons like Villet oviya’s satellite. It will be launched in August 2018 from the Colorado Space Centre, NASA, USA.

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