Seyana – Not An End | Day 10

Ila opened the Hard disk and started to view all the files. It took more than three hours to complete. After seeing the Hard disk contents Ila gets clarity about Mana, Tribes and their association with Uthiyan family. Now Ila feels more responsible and the curiosity also came to end this night. Next day Ila attends the Leader selection ceremony at the Tribe’s place in Seyana. They selected  Veeran as a leader, who is well educated and a highly skilled person. His goodness was approved by the rain on that day. As an additional recommendation, Mana also gave some pearls to him.

Later, both Ila and Veeran with the guidance of mana and great Uthiyan worked together for the safety and development of Seyana.  They also faced some challenges in their journey. By their great qualities and good heart, they handled everything in a right way. Soon Seyana expanded its territory and it retains happiness forever. Through their efforts, many best places like Seyana are created all over the world.

The End

You can find the hard disk secrets, Great Uthiyan’s childhood days, Mana’s entry to Seyana, Tribal kingdom and the negative element, Veeran’s hidden knowledge, Ila’s love with exciting adventure only at SEYANA (Nature’s Kingdom)

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