Seyana – Rare Surprise | Day 9

By the happiness of all living creatures in Seyana, the water spirit named Mana from another dimension gets attracted and stayed in the lake.  They get superpowers only by the quality of life around them and in return, they make the land more prosperous. By hearing this Ila said without us there is no mana. Her grandpa replied “yes, but at the same time without mana there is nothing special in us”. It’s a mutually interrelated relationship, the way we live creates the power and nourishes her. She is also protecting us when we are in trouble. So we are not only saving mana, it’s just saving ourselves and nature to retain our prosperous life.

Ila wants to know more about Mana, Tribes and her grandpa’s childhood life at Seyana. Meanwhile, a group of tribes came to lla’s place to invite her with lots of gifts such as Honey, Fruits and some handicrafts, for their leader announcing ceremony. Uthiyan guided Ila to attend the ceremony and shared one Hard disk to view before attending the ceremony given by K24. With great excitement, Ila reached the hall to see the tribes. They look very strong and their eyes are very powerful than normal people. They are more curious than Ila for this meet.

By seeing Ila they talked with each other in their language and started to give the gifts to Ila. The leader of the group invited Ila to attend the ceremony going to held on tomorrow. Ila with her smile agreed and gave some books to them. Ila is aware of Uthiyan foundation providing education to the tribes and there is also one school built 50 years ago on the banks of River Nirak for tribes. They accepted Ila’s gift and returned to their place. Ila started to view the hard disk alone, which consists of all secrets about Seyana.

To be continued…

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