Seyana – It’s Mutual | Day 8

She became restless and started to think about nature’s astonishment towards life. Now she assured the connectivity between all living creatures and their happiness or sorrow which will affect each other either directly or indirectly. She started to think about how many creatures suffered by Uthiyan industries and farms. She asked her grandpa about the percentage of utilizing the natural resources in the Uthiyan industries and farms that affect other creatures.

He said, all Uthiyan industries are doing 100% nature-related projects and in Uthiyan farms also, we producing organic products that completely depend on natural resources. So utilizing the natural resources increases day by day, simultaneously we also increase the natural resource conservation by several methods. We created some forests, lakes, wildlife sanctuary, recycling units and many other measures for retaining nature’s dignity.

He continued by saying that nature selects the saviors sometimes to recover its possession. It’s like a mutual preventive measure adopted by the creatures to save the nature as well as themselves. Now Ila is getting to know that great uthiyan is aware of mana. He started to share his first meet with mana at the lake when he was 11 years old. Those days Uthiyans stayed in Seyana for its remarkable nature and the love of tribes. Yes, Uthiyans are closely associated with tribes at that time. They get herbal secrets from tribes which becomes their main business and in return, they became the shield for tribes in all ways.

To be continued…

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