Seyana – Real Adventure | Day 7

Mana the queen of happiness conveyed they are safe by her facial expressions to Ila. Now lla became relaxed and moved with mana to the dining hall. Ila finds her favorite foods and some unique desserts on the table. She asked mana about the new foods and started to have it one by one. After dinner, Ila thanked mana and also requested to leave her back.

Mana smiled again, that assures Ila’s safe return to her nest. She blessed Ila for a long and happy life along with the pearls given to Ila. She said Ila to visit the lake palace anytime from anywhere by simply kissing the pearls. By hearing this Ila felt excited and thanked once again. Soon she apologized mana for the underwater construction by Uthiyans. Yes, Uthiyans planned to build an underwater house for Ila inside the lake, which actually spoils the lake environment and it will affect the creatures inside the lake. Ila assured mana to quit the construction. The queen of happiness by her thoughts guided Ila to close her eyes and think about the place, where she wants to move. Soon Ila finds herself under the tree where she meditated in the forest.

She also finds K24 and the guards still protecting her in the same place. While seeing her watch, she realized only 10 minutes spent in meditation but its like 2 hours she spent with Mana. She also finds the pearls in her hand, so Ila confirmed this as real not a dream. Soon she canceled the trip and reached her nest.

To be continued…

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