seyana – happiness Inside | Day 6

Other species such as fishes, tortoises, and crocodiles inside the lake started to welcome that mermaid type woman. By seeing this Ila became more confused, but at the same time she started to enjoy the view of the underwater lake. She finds the big city inside the lake which consists of unique architecture looks very natural. Now she feels like living in another dimension. That mermaid type woman reaches the prime location of the city.

Ila noticed some creatures looking sad and that place looks weird. She also feels unpleasant there and wants to leave that place immediately. Ila started to cry and asked the mermaid woman to take her away. The mermaid woman laughed and said you are the reason for your unhappiness today. Ila asked what’s wrong with me to her, she replied Ila clearly this unpleasant environment created for you under the lake by your people.

Now Ila started to think again asked the mermaid woman about her details. She introduced herself as the water creature named “Mana” created by emotions. They are created by nature using the real happiness of humans, animals, and plants who are inside and near the lake. They can stay if only true happiness exists among the place where they created. If the happiness gets reduced they will disappear and the place also will become barren lands. Ila gets shocked and she asked mana “Did my happiness is needed for your life”. Mana said “yes”. Suddenly some unique creatures appear near to Mana and said something in a different language which is good to hear. Mana invited Ila to have dinner. Ila asked Mana about K24 and her guards.

To be continued…

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