Seyana – Feel My Touch | Day 5

That tree’s shadow becomes the best place to meditate in the busy forest for Ila. After a few minutes during her meditation. Ila felt something touching her head, it’s an unusual feel for her. She slowly opened her eyes. She can able to see something different before her. It looks like a light or something she never saw before. Ila gets shocked to see such a unique thing and she also noticed that her security guards also vanished from that place makes the situation worse. Meanwhile, Ila can’t think anything against the light thing and still, she felt safer than before inside.

Ila started to believe her inner self more than before. So remains silent and started to follow the light thing. It calls Ila by holding her hands, she started to move along with the light like a child.  They came near to the lake. That light thing started to move inside the lake. Ila gets thought about crocodiles in the lake, but she can’t able to show her hesitation towards the light source. Soon they started to sink inside the lake. Ila is trying to hold her breath while moving inside the water. Soon it becomes useless to Ila, where she can able to breathe inside the water as well as it like floating in the air and she can able to see clearly inside the deep dark lake.

Now Ila started to think like that she is in Lucid dreaming or astral projection. By thinking like this, she finds the light source turned into a mermaid type woman inside the water.

To be continued…

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