Seyana – It’s Not So Far | Day 4

Seyana is not much far away from Ila’s imagination. That happiness mode initiated in her heart by seeing nature gives perfect satisfaction in her life after a long time. It’s like a rain Ila’s eyes are full of tears while feeling she is very near to mother nature. There is no need to confuse with Ila’s behavior towards nature. From childhood itself, she loves nature and always wants to get connected most of the time. But her safety, pollution and hectic schedules in her studies slowly separates her from nature. After regaining the connectivity now Ila’s mind is full of overflowing love towards nature.

Ila’s gratitude towards nature for the good things it shared with humans. With this great joy, at first, Ila wanted to see the unique monkeys(heard in the folk tales of Seyana during her childhood) which are only available in Seyana forest, looking yellow and the wild fruits which she had last night. While seeing Ila and her guards that monkeys are puzzled and stayed in the much safer distance. Her happiness gets enhanced by those monkeys. Meanwhile, tribes of Seyana are also getting to know about Ila’s visit by their spy team. But they never considered strangers as a threat unless they got attacked.

It’s around 3 pm at Seyana forest, Ila starts enjoying the view in her own way. Her guards follow her perfectly without disturbing the wildlife at Seyana. K24 guided her in all ways. They reached one big tree near the banks of Nirak. Ila slowly surrenders herself to nature and she finds the best place to meditate for some time. But this is not listed in the plan, even the artificial intelligence made up of natural components tries to realize Ila’s feelings and allows her to do as she likes is not a miracle. She started meditation under the tree. Her guards formed a shield and assured the place as safe.

To be continued…

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