Seyana – Simply The Heaven | Day 1

It’s more than heaven, no one can tend to return back once they visit Seyana. Seyana is located in the east of the peninsula nation which is famous for its geographical wonders. Fortunately, two-third of Seyana belongs to the tribes which consist of forests, a small mountain and a great river named Nirak. On the other side of Nirak, the remaining part of Seyana that belongs to Uthiyan family consists of a great lake and a farm that is considered as the best at all times.

Uthiyan family having its own great heritage, which is well known to the whole nation and to the rest of the world. They have more than 10 palaces, farms, modern industries all over the world. Uthiyan is not just a name, it’s a brand of 300+ successful products. So most of the Uthiyan family members are living in different countries, all over the world to take care of their businesses.

Head of Uthiyan family handovers Seyana Garden to his great-granddaughter named Ila, who is interested in modern farming also completed her graduation at one of the Top schools in Kengan. Ila takes this as a great opportunity to prove her skills to the great Uthiyan. This is her first visit to Seyana but it’s her long time wish to visit the wonderland from her childhood.

She reached Seyana around 5 pm in her Bombardier private jet. Seyana’s moderate climate can be experienced throughout the year due to its  Greenlands in the mountain, which is near to the sea. While getting down from the plane she can able to feel the heaven in the wind, consist of herbal moisture which she never felt anywhere in the world. Before the beauty of nature mother, this timid Ila surrenders herself for a moment

To be continued…

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