Seyana – Free To Fly | Day 2

Best things never retain for long, her interaction with nature was temporally disconnected by the service commander named K24 (Artificial Intelligence security guard with loyalty program installed v4). Ila murmured herself about the royal prison and considered K24 as a warden.  Soon the floating suit given to Ila,  There is the most advanced residence belongs to Uthiyans located at the top of the mountain near river Nirak. They also have one more residence inside the Uthiyan farms at Seyana. But Ila wants a view of Nirak from the high home.

Now Ila is getting connected again with nature by using the floating suit, she is flying above the river Nirak like a bird reaching its nest at evening. Same time she hasn’t forgotten to switch on the aerial camera to capture the top view of Nirak which has to be streamed in her social media.

After all of the security tests, she reached her nest inside the great residence at the top of Seyana. Ila has only three more days pending on her vacation. So she planned herself to visit all places inside Seyana before she becomes the official leader of Uthiyan farms. She got served with the best wild fruits having the essentials for good sleep at night. Filtered air from outside reaches her chamber feels almost similar to outside by Ila.

By this perfect ambiance along with mild music anyone can sleep, but curious Ila in her twenties started to explore the view through the smart metallic glass wall also having the night vision facility. She can feel her connect with nature which is not much far from her. In between, the great Uthiyan reached Ila through AR and shared his memory about Seyanna. By talking with her great Grandfather she slept happily like being at home. After a good sleep, Ila wakes and started to shout without a break

To be continued…

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