Month: July 2018

Three Bodies-Cosmic Inside

Three bodies are not only considered as a spiritual context, we can also view it in another dimension of physics, psychology as well as in our own dimension based on the needs makes this topic also one of the most interesting of all times.

Ethan’s Voyage 4-Dreamy World

Mila reached the magical Kingdom of Saharsha located in the Alnitak Zone, part of Orion’s constellation by the secret teleporting path located in Lupino forest.  Due to the teleportation effect and new atmosphere, she has fainted again. Saharsha is the kingdom of happiness ruled by King Rishab and Queen Khatiya. Another major difference is

Role of Sun-Astropsychology

Our physical body is made up of five elements which are responsible for the functioning along with consciousness. So the impact of planetary energies is unavoidable on this earth. Moreover, planets are inside us as chakras in the astral body. We also experience the planets mentally by their attributes through our consciousness in this material world.

Real Beauty Inside

Beauty is the attribute of any object or any quality that is reasonable for the happiness while experiencing in this world. Everyone in this world, without any doubt they are the true admirers of beauty. Based on our psychological conditions beauty can be experienced in many ways by us.

Ethan’s voyage 3-Dreamy world

While searching for Mila, he forgot the path inside the forest. Finally, Ethan reached one cave which is very dark even in the bright light of Lupino forest. Ethan slowly enters the cave, He almost reached the end, but in the darkness, he could not find anything inside. Suddenly he was pulled by

மூதுரை கதைகள்-மானம் உள்ளவரை

ஆவுடைசெல்வம் என்பவர் தென்மாறன் இளவேந்தன் அரசவையில் அமைச்சருக்கு உதவியாளராக பணிபுரிந்து வந்தார். ஆவுடைசெல்வம் மிகவும் நேர்மையான மனிதர் . சிறந்த ஒழுக்க குணங்களை ஒருங்கே பெற்ற அறிவாளியும் ஆவார்.

Anger is Good

Anger is completely natural as a great source of energy and really a good thing to humans. But in our society anger is projected as well as experienced as a destructive emotion only. Beyond all negative shades as a natural emotion anger also having its own positive side.